Vladimir Rasputin

Vladimir Rasputin Vladimir Rasputin was born in New York, but his parents were from Russia. They were immigrants with ties to the Russian mob ran by the Kozlov family, his father being a hitman. They moved to America to help expand the control of the mafia, so he has known the mafia life since birth. He himself had helped in the business growing up, but he didn’t want to be stuck in it.

He trained and worked hard and was hired muscle for awhile, helping retrieve money from deadbeats and collecting insurance. Eventually, he convinced the American head boss, Mr. Forester, to let me quit the business to do something else I loved: fight for the spirit of competition. Vlad joined MMA fighting leagues that would let him, and got pretty popular and even made it into the UFC. His nickname was “Vlad the Impaler.” However, the mafia ties would never truly go away as he would occasionally be made to take dives or rough someone up too hard. There was nothing he could do because he knew to cross the boss.

One day, as either a blessing or a curse, he was hit the wrong way and blew out his knee. The injury was too severe for him to ever fight professionally again. The mob though always had a position for him, though. Because he was so loyal, he was hired to be the body guard for the boss and his daughter, Illyana Forester. Along with his driver Malkov Drakov, they were the two most loyal and trusted confidants to the Forester family.

Mr. Forester got sent to prison by Steve McCracken and because of it, Drakov and Vlad got custody of Illyana. They’ve been taking care of her for five years now. During this time period, the two men grew closer and eventually became lovers. However, due to their status in the mob, they’ve chosen to keep their relationship secret.

During Silent Hill: Resurrection

Vlad is one of the people who staying at Woodland Inn and got swept up in the dark events which lead him to Silent Hill.

He’s mostly quiet and passive, making occasional comments about the situation or talking in Russia to Malkov. He’s protective of his Russian lover, and constantly tries to save him when he’s in danger of being hurt by the many abominations that lurk in town. Vlad is not reluctant to bust out his old UFC moves, in favor of an approach more “personal” than weapons.

Vladimir Rasputin

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