Sledgehammer Man

“I killed her… I killed her… sport for kill… heh heh heh… And I have to kill you or you’ll tell on me…”

Rodger X. Jennings was a vicious murderer active during the early 1980s in the Silent Hill area. His targets were all young girls, and the murder weapon was always the same: a giant sledgehammer, which earned him the nickname “Sledgehammer Man”. Police eventually caught up with the madman, sentenced to death, which was carried out by lethal injection.

During Silent Hill: Resurrection

The Woodland Inn group encounters Sledgehammer in an abandoned log cabin next to the highway. They witness him murder Jennifer Bowles, even though the event took place decades ago and, even more so, both should already be long dead.

The group manages to trip the massive man and he is sent crashing through the floorboards where he laid unmoving in a deep hole. They brought a couch down on him and, for save measure, set the log cabin on fire.


This man is very large. Even though he is hunch over, he still stands over six feet. He wears not shirt and has various shaped scars all over his large muscles. He wears a brown hood, like some sort of executioner, and you can see wild eyes in the crudely cut holes. His jeans are filthy and his breath is rapid from beneath the hood.


Sledgehammer does not appear to be intelligent; indeed, in many ways, he acts like a child. However, his massive size and strength can be dangerous to anyone in his way. While his unfocused attacks seem like an advantage to anyone escaping this man, it could be quite disastrous to someone who was in the wrong swing at the wrong time.

Newspaper article Regarding Jennings’s Capture

January 23rd, 1981

Sledgehammer killer put to death By Archer Cohen

Rodger X. Jennings died of lethal injection last night, carrying out the death sentenced handed down three months ago by a judge.

Jennings brutally murdered 17 residents before ultimately being captured at his cabin hideout in the local forest. Police say his final murder left a literal bloody trail to his hideout.

“He didn’t care to cover up his tracks at any of his crime scenes,” Detective Robert Stevens said, “It was just a matter of catching up with him.”

Jennings reign of terror in the county lasted for six months. Jennings, known as ‘Sledgehammer Man’ by the media for his murder weapon, only targeted young girls. His last victim, Jennifer Bowles, was an accomplished piano player at the local theater. Public outrage about her murder as well as the others sped the death sentenced along.

“I’m glad it’s over,” Mark Bowles, father of Jennifer, said, “I can rest knowing a horrible man is gone.”

Jennings had a troubling history, dating back to his childhood. He was put into a juvenile hall for three years after being the connected to the violent murders of several neighborhood dogs.

Before he was put to death, Jennings smiled. He had to have a sizable amount of lethal injection, on account of his size. His last words were “I’m going to live forever.”

“The ramblings of the deranged,” Stevens said, who was the lead investigator in the case, “He ain’t coming back.”

Sledgehammer Man

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