Sean McPhingan

Born and raised in Boston, Sean McPhingan has been a construction worker at his father’s business since graduating high school. His father, Patrick, for Sean’s 21 birthday made him full partner of the company. He was so happy that he and his father would be running the inherited business together, just like he had hoped for. Sean couldn’t think of a more admirable, respectable and honorable person than his father. Sean wouldn’t have even made it through high school without his father. His mother died on the first day of high school, and he didn’t take it very well and was always getting into fights at school and around the neighborhood. The first 3 years of high school were pretty rough, but it Sean really cooled off and started to become a normal high school kid when he met a girl named Susan in the summer between junior and senior year. Susan seemed to really care for Sean, which made Sean start to care about Sean. So, after Sean straightened out his life with a lot of help from his father and Susan, Sean finished high school and started to work full-time at Patrick’s construction place. In the present, Sean and Patrick are as happy as can be, and Sean has bought an engagement ring for Susan but is waiting for the appropriate time to ask her.

On the day Sean had decided to pop the question, it was a beautiful spring day and the air had been cleansed and refreshed from the previous day’s rain. Sean was feeling lighter than air and on top of the world. He stopped to buy her flowers and sweets, blue roses and Godiva chocolates; always her favorite gift. Pulling into the drive way of their home, he noticed he couldn’t stop smiling he was so happy. He entered the house instantly hearing the shower running. Thinking to himself, this was an opportune moment to do a little set up for the question. He quickly cut the flower stems and found a nice vase for them.

Rushing to the bedroom, giddy as a school boy, he practically skipped passed the bathroom and placed the flowers on the night stand next to the bed with the ring box sitting underneath the flowers. Okay, get control of yourself. He walked to the bathroom door and went for the doorknob….That’s weird, she usually never locks the door. Sean knocked on the door and couple times, “Hey babe I’m home, I have a little surprise for you….” Silence. “Susan you okay in there?” As he stood there hearing only running water he began to worry and started banging on the door, “Babe?! Babe, you there?!”

Getting a little enraged and filled with worry, Sean starting kicking at the door. “Susan?! Baby answer me, please!” Finally, he rammed the door with his shoulder giving it all his might. Just with two blows he was in the bathroom. Standing there he was in utter dismay over the gruesome sight that was before him.

The sliced up body laid in the tub, cold dead eyes stared back up at Sean. There was huge cuts all over the body like they were made with an axe. The water washed all of the blood that was flowing from these gashes down the drain. Sean couldn’t move for what seemed like 5 life times. When the initial shock wore off, he rushed to the tub in an daze like state.NO, NO, NO, NO!!...THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!...GOD, THIS CAN’T BE FUCKING HAPPENING!!! After crying frantically for hours, Sean was able to pull himself away from his once gorgeous wife-to-be to call the police.

Screeching to a sudden halt, almost colliding into a police unit, Patrick hopped out of his pickup truck screaming for his son. After being identified as the owner of the house, the police let him in, and he quickly spots Sean. The two give a long, heart-felt embrace in which Sean again starts crying, followed by Patrick losing it as well. All the cops and investigators leave the two alone in their misery and carry on with their jobs.

Sean and Patrick stumble in from a grueling day at the construction yard. As Patrick yaps on about what to have for dinner, Sean just stands there staring off into space. After several moments, Sean realizes that he cannot escape the depressed feeling that has overwhelmed his life for the past 5 months. He walks to his bedroom that he once shared with the love of his life, one of the two SAVIORS of his life. He goes to the bed and reaches for a suit case under the bed. He swings it onto the bed and opens it. Packed for the last month or so, Sean has been needing to get away…far away. He didn’t want to leave his father, but he needed to leave this place. Patrick enters the room, “Son are you oka….oh…clears his throat....I, uh…I’m sure you’ve been planning to leave for awhile now, huh?” He walks to Sean’s side, putting a much needed reassuring arm on his over his son’s shoulder, “Promise me, that you’ll be safe. Me and the company will be just fine. Take as much time as you need.”

Sean said his goodbye’s to his beloved father. “I’ll give you a call when I get to wherever the hell I end up…” With that, Sean threw his suit case into the back of his Toyota Tacoma. He climbed into the truck and gave a wave and was off. Already feeling a bit relived about not having to go back to that house for awhile. He didn’t know where he’d end up, he didn’t care all that much. Money wasn’t an issue, so he could drive clear across the country if he felt like he needed to. This will be good for me…

Sean McPhingan

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