Malkov Drakov

Malkov Drakov is my birth given name. My mother used to call me that. Nowadays it seems like my name is driver. It is what I am known for. I work for Forrester as a transporter of sorts. I transport anything that he needs delivered. I have been with the syndicate it seems like forever. Since my mother died from Cancer I was left all alone. Or so I thought.

I was born in Mother Russia but moved to New York as a young child. My mother and I ran away from the homeland to get away from my father and his choice for a career. He was a top advisor for one of the meanest mob bosses around, Kozlov. When he was accused of squealing, we knew we had to move. So we left and never looked back. In America I was out of place. Luckily for me, my mother was friends with the Forrester’s so they took us in and offered protection. Kozlov wanted our family dead but thanks to Forrester (DAD), who bought our freedom, we were left alone. My mother and I were safe from Kozlov but no one could protect her from Cancer. After she died Mr. Forrester (DAD) took me in and raised me.

The syndicate raised me and taught me everything there is to know about being in the syndicate. They trained me to handle myself in whatever situation arose. They treated me like their own son. Forrester (DAD) even had a son who called me brother. We grew up as though we were. I remember that when NASCAR was on we would all sit around and watch. I know it was due to booking tickets but to me it felt like family night. We would watch those cars race all day and I wanted to be accepted by them so, I chose to race as well. The one thing that we did that did not involve violence was watch the NASCAR races. I grew up despising violence. Even though they taught me everything I needed to know about crime I decided to live a crime-free life and train to become a race car driver.

I learned fast and drove like a madman. At first I was untouchable. No one could beat me! Then one day allegations arose. My fellow competitors claimed that my relationship with the Forrester’s gave me an upper hand. The investigation did not last long before they discovered I was raise by the Russian mob. My awards and commendations were stripped. I was thrown out of the league and banned from racing altogether. I saw that day how the world was fucked up. Although my ties to Forrester (DAD) had nothing to do with my winnings, I was treated like a criminal all the same. So I joined the one person who was always there for me.

By this time Forrester (SON) had made the big leagues. He was running the syndicate. Forrester (DAD) was ill so he handed over his business to his son (Forrester). The entire East coast was his and he welcomed my driving skills with open arms. I was in charge of transportation at first. Anything that needed a special kind of delivery, I delivered. Drugs, Guns, money, bombs, anything hot I handled. I did this for five years and earned Forrester’s (SON) trust. He trusted me enough to drive his daughter, Eleana Forrester, as soon as she was old enough to go to school.

I was like a brother to Forrester (son) so he entrusted me to be his daughter’s, Eleana Forrester, driver. I knew that girl since she was born and cared very deeply for her. When I was trusted to drive her around I took it very seriously. It was an honor and a privilege. It was in this post that I met Eleana’s bodyguard, Vladimir. The first time we met I knew we had a connection. It was this spark of life that Forrester noticed. Living in this rough world sometimes meant you had to hide who you really were. But not us! We were accepted due to the close relationship we had with the bosses daughter. Forrester knew we were lovers and instead of judging us he accepted us for who we were and what we could do. For this reason Vladimir and I would do anything for Forrester (SON). We were partners both in the protection game and in our personal lives. Both of us loved Eleana like she was our daughter so when Forrester was sent to jail 5 years ago, by a sheister of a lawyer who couldn’t stay out of it. HE charged us with the task of taking custody of Eleana until he gets out. I would die for her if need be I would die for them both. Eleana is now thirteen years old and I intended for her to live until she was old and gray.

It was so simple to take care of a little girl, but life would have it differently. On a normal night, one the same as the one before, we heard a screeching scream coming from Eleana’s room. Vlad and I were downstairs enjoying each others company, with a glass of wine, when we were horribly interrupted. We heard the yells for help and we grabbed our weapons and ran like hell up these stairs that seemed to last forever. When we reached the hallway to her room it seemed as though the house had completely changed. Everything was out of place and the walls were covered in what seemed to be dry blood. I paid no attentions as my focus was on Eleana’s safety. As we reached her room the door opened up for us and we witnessed an awful sight. Eleana’s face was completely torn off and the blood was fresh, contained in a circular spot in her room.

We searched the house and found no sign of her murderer. Not even evidence that someone was there to begin with. As we walked back to her room we noticed that the hallway went back to normal. The only difference was that the door was closed when neither one of us closed it. As we went inside their was a choking stench of a rotten corpse. When I saw Eleana it seemed like she was there for days, for the blood was dry. Vlad and I had no way of explaining what happened, and how, so we left the called 911 and left the scene to go and notify Forrester.

The one thing I was good at and I failed and now I had to explain this failure to someone that I see as a brother. To tell him that his daughter is dead would be devestating. I hardly had the words at that point. I searched deep inside of me to find the strength to move. As we pulled up to the prison we noticed that their seemed to be chaos. We talked to a guard that the syndicate had in their pockets and he informed us that Forrester was unreachable. When we asked why, he simply stated because he is dead. It seemed his life was taken the same way his daughters was.

Both murdered in the exact same way indicated that this was a hit by a rival. We searched for answers and came up with nothing. No way of identifying who was responsible. It could have been Kozlov but he was out west in L.A. He had nothing to gain. At this point we were driven by anger and madness slowly crept in our lives. When I looked back there were things that were unexplainable. Circumstances that were unbelievable. An incident that was inconceivable. Shared dreams of the murder, whispered voices of who did it and not to mention what looked like a shifting of realities. It was unreal this reality we found ourselves in. A vision or maybe a hallucination pointed us to a certain direction. The only lead we have was given to me in a dream. We were headed west. Hopefully we will find what we are looking for…

Malkov Drakov

Silent Hill Exist