Doctor Ray Zitch

Dr. Ray Zitch Doctor Ray Zitch is a psychiatrist who operated within Silent Hill. While his profession is dedicated to helping patients, he had much more sinister motives: using a combination of therapy, drugs, and, his specialty, hypnosis, the good doctor tried to get his patients to end their life. It is unknown what pleasure he derived from the death of his clients or how many have taken his “special treatment”- but the numerous photos he kept on his walls as a moment suggest a depressing number.

During Silent Hill: Resurrection

Dr. Zitch captures Malkov Drakov and hypnotizes him to believe he was a mental patient in an insane asylum and that the years since Malkov’s crash were a figment of his imagination. After asking Rasputin to recount his time in Silent Hill, Zitch reveals he convinced Sean’s wife to kill herself and proceeds to try to instill guilt in Rasputin over the death of Illyana Forester. The group intervenes and Sean activates the circle by finding a picture of his wife on the wall. The group shoves Zitch into the circle where he immediately shoots himself in the head, giving some clue how the good doctor met his end while he was alive.


Though weak and not particularly athletic, Dr. Zitch possess amazing hypnosis abilities, which causes people to do his will and make them see things that are not there.

Doctor Ray Zitch

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